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Veritable Michael

Shadow Opera (2020/21)

The true story of two Victorian poets and lovers, who lived and wrote under the pseudonym, Michael Field. This podcast opera combines the journals, poetry and letters of Katherine Bradley and Edith Cooper with an original score by Tom Floyd, and explores the sensual, fantastical and witty world of Michael Field, and his struggle with Victorian patriarchy.

The Day Dawns

ROH Youth Opera Company (2018)

The Royal Opera House Youth Opera Company spent 2 weeks devising a new opera with Tom and Director Freya Wynne Jones which the company then performed at the Bridewell Theatre ( conductor: Tom Floyd, Piano: Ashley Beauchamp). Through a series of improvisation and devising sessions responding to the brief of “You, the children, wake up in a strange world with no adults” the youth company created a dramatic story, wrote the libretto, and worked with Tom to create a 30 minute, fully staged opera.

A King's Ransom

Into Opera/Britten Sinfonia (2017–2018)

Tom joined Into Opera as Musical Director on their major opera and education project, A Kings Ransom - a 6 month project of opera rehearsals and workshops with 200 children from 4 schools in Norfolk. The participants went from knowing nearly nothing about opera, to performing a fully staged 2 act opera, accompanied by the Britten Sinfonia, conducted by Tom Floyd. Beyond learning and staging the opera, this project gave participants weekly contact with a variety of creative professionals and the transformative effect of this was remarkable.

Stop All The Clocks

Shadow Opera (2017)

Tom co-produced this production which curated cabaret songs by composers from Berg to Bernstein, with guest star cabaret artist Frieda Love. Each act was directed by a London filmmaker, combining live performance and film to create immersive, multimedia scenes.

The event app streamed live subtitles to the audience's smartphones, as well as extra behind-the-scenes content to enjoy before, during and after the show.


The Opera Story (2017)

This trilogy of short operas, commissioned and produced by The Opera Story, reimagined the the familiar story of Snow White. Tom was commissioned to write the final piece in the set, which was premiered at the Bussey Building, Peckham in an immersive production staged across the warehouse arts space.

This imaginative collaboration was The Opera Story's debut production, and was well reviewed with The Guardian saying "a strong and absorbing evening…Floyd’s multitextured writing makes a satisfying finale” ****


Shadow Opera (2013)

MICROmegas is Tom Floyd and David Spittle’s fourth operatic collaboration. Based on Voltaire’s short story, it follows an exiled giant and a stammering dwarf on their trip across the universe in search of adventure and truth.

The Shadow of the Wave

Shadow Opera (2012)

In claustrophobic proximity two couples find themselves in a conflict of madness and waking dreams. The Shadow of the Wave follows Alamar in his journey through ever more troubled waters.

The Spectator said “This Opera is a very well-made piece, with many features in common with the well-made plays that used to be common in the West End… The music of Shadow is attractive, mellifluous, continuous. " ****

The Nightingale and the Rose

Shadow Opera (2011)

A tale of love, devotion, sacrifice and tragedy, Oscar Wilde’s classic children’s-story follows the story of a Nightingale, who’s only wish is to bring beauty and love into the world, even for the ultimate cost.

Dame Hilary Boulding: "This is a highly accomplished work with a musical language and subject matter accessible to all.Its inaugural production was truly captivating"

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